Blue Blog – Free PSD Template

Blue Blog – Free PSD Template

This is a simple blog template that I created in a few hours. I no longer have time to turn them into HTML/CSS so I only give you the PSD file. You can use this file for personal purpose only or to create a freeware HTML or wordpress theme but you cannot sell it or redistribute it. Hope you like it.


Blue Blog PSD Template(downloaded 897 times)

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22+ Website Buttons Free PSD files Download

22+ Website Buttons Free PSD files Download

Buttons are an essential part of a website and when you are developing a web page, you may need some handy stuff. For your ease and convenience we have collected this downloadable PSD action, social media, and other GUI buttons. It will also help you in study your files to learn new UI design techniques.

36 Free Web Buttons Collection

36 Free Web Buttons Collection Free PSD files Download

Download the Source Files Button

Download the Source Files Button Free PSD files Download

Creations PSD Buttons

Creations PSD Buttons Free PSD files Download

Plastic Buttons

Plastic Buttons Free PSD files Download

Buttons With PSD

Buttons With PSD Free PSD files Download

Social Media and Email Buttons

Social Media and Email Buttons Free PSD files Download

Add to Cart Buttons

Add to Cart Buttons Free PSD files Download

3D Buttons

3D Buttons  Free PSD files Download

Download Web Buttons

Download Web Buttons Free PSD files Download

Simple Buttons

Simple Buttons Free PSD files Download

Form Message Buttons

Form Message Buttons Free PSD files Download

App Store Download Buttons

App Store Download Buttons Free PSD files Download

Web 2.0 Buttons

Web 2.0 Buttons Free PSD files Download

Download Buttons PSD Pack

Download Buttons PSD Pack Free PSD files Download

E-Commerce Buttons

E-Commerce Buttons Free PSD files Download

Classy Social Media Buttons

Classy Social Media Buttons Free PSD files Download

Arrow buttons PSD

Arrow buttons PSD Free PSD files Download

5 Colorful Web Buttons

5 Colorful Web Buttons Free PSD files Download

10 Simple Web Buttons

10 Simple Web Buttons Free PSD files Download

CTA Buttons

CTA Buttons Free PSD files Download

Chunky 3D Buttons

Chunky 3D Buttons Free PSD files Download

Twitter and Facebook Connect Buttons

Twitter and Facebook Connect Buttons Free PSD files Download

Shiny Buttons

Shiny Buttons Free PSD files Download

Social Sign In Buttons

Social Sign In Buttons Free PSD files Download

Late Night Buttons

Late Night Buttons Free PSD files Download

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Smart Slider's PSD files

Smart Slider’s PSD files

Dear Customers/Visitors! I’ve decided that I create a new web design category on our site. I try to publicate my own PSDs as often as possible. Usually it will contains our products or some of my idea. Firstly I share some PSD from the Smart Slider’s sketch. I hope you will like it and it will useful for you. On the other hand you can check these design in live just click the [DEMO] next to the title.

Accordion Horizontal Slider Image Edition [DEMO]

This multidimensional slider shows a big image with right side caption. With this slider type you can create a great slideshow for your website.

Accordion Horizontal Slider

Accordion Horizontal Slider Product Edition [DEMO]

With this slider type you are able to show your product with a lot of useful information. For example: your product’s price or the featured products.

Accordion Horizontal Slider

Accordion Vertical FAQ [DEMO]

Help to your visitors with this awesome frequently asked question slider. The tabs help you to display the related contents in intuitive form.

Accordion Vertical Slider

Minimal Slider [DEMO]

This slider is excellent for the minimal white websites.

Minimal Slider

Simple Slider [DEMO]

Simple, sophisticated design to show discretely your content to your visitors.

Simple Slider

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500+ Free Download High Quality Photoshop PSD Files For Designers

500+ Free Download High Quality Photoshop PSD Files For Designers

Why redo what is from the web “free download” ? Plenty of web designers create and share with the community, plenty graphic files. Most often, they are free download and can mostly be used in business projects.

But the plenty ways used for the distribution of these files is problematic (from own blogs, social networks, sharing networks)…Lot of you have interest for these files, and regarding this point, 2experts decided to create selection lists of these files.

These lists give to the web designers, the possibility to get a quick overview of some of the best free download files, grouped on an unique page.

Today is an exceptional day because you are not restricted to one list but you can browse a selection of the best lists from all of them, and this final selection cumulate all together, around 500 Photoshop files, files you can download.

26 Polariod and Paper Clips ( by atilazz )

free psd file

Download Source

Web User Interface Treasure Chest ( by LazyCrazy )


Download Source

Full Pin Stock ( by atilazz )

Download Source

Calendars PSD ( by taytel )

free calendars psd files

Download Source

Free iPod Touch PSD ( by djeric)

Download Source

Grass Number PSD ( by PsEvi )

Download Source

Scratches PSD

Download Source

Barbwire Splater Paint PSD

Download Source

Twitter Bird Icons ( by sizer92 )


Download Source

Card Templates ( by san29 )

Download Source

Breathe PSD

Download Source

PSD Pack Painted Tags ( by Tamilia )

Download Source

Great PSD Files Related From Friends Blogs

110 Ultimate Round-Up of Free Photoshop PSD Files and Resources

45+ Free Design Template And PSD Files

The best 32 Free PSDs you can find on DeviantArt

70+ Excellent Free PSD Files ON DeviantArt, Update September 2009

45 Useful Collection of Free Photoshop PSD Files

80+ Identity Logo Design With PSD Files

45+ Free High Quality PSD Files to Download

60 High Quality Photoshop PSD Files For Designers

30+ Free Quality PSD Files to Download

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  • scratches photoshop brushes

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45+ Free High Quality PSD Files to Download

45+ Free High Quality PSD Files to Download

You can create you own PSD Photoshop resources library, but it may not be big enough or has the variaty you need, so you can add more styles to your library like the Photoshop resources files I would like to share with you below

PSD Resource Pack One

PSD Resource Pack One by Deluxive

Some of the most popular stuff for “Web 2.0? all in one .PSD file.
Inspired of others of course. + Wood Patterns (included in the “Hidden Resources” layer).


stiker PSD

sticker PSD by TLMedia

paper sticker,PSD file.


Denim Patch With Stitches

denim patch with stitches


Cardboard Business Card

cardboard business card


Old Envelope

old envelope


notebook psd

notebook psd by TLMedia

note book or magazin layout ,PSD file


Paper Design PSD

Paper Design PSD by MRblanka

Paper Design PSD


Paper Notes Free PSD

kkittrd 1

Paper Notes Free PSD buttons. Two kinds, very good for blogs or site. Enjoy!


Magazine PSD source file

Magazine PSD source file by formazon

fancy  Magazine PSD source file , enjoy it.


PSP psd template

PSP psd template by jbensch

I haven’t seen a PSP psd template – might as well be the first,included a flames layer…


iPhone turned 3G psd template

iPhone turned 3G psd template by jbensch

iPhone 3G psd template.


iPod Touch PSD

iPod Touch PSD   i Visual by i visual

New iPod Touch PSD.High Quality PSD for better visual experience.Based on High resolution photo of Apple Website


RIM Blackberry PSD

RIM Blackberry PSD by DigitalPhenom

Complete psd with layer styles ! Not just an image on a transparent background…no no!! This is 135 layers of photoshop goodness!!
First off its a photoshop file…so your going to need photoshop 7 or newer to open it


Tv Mobile PSD

Tv Mobile PSD by leozerosty

cell phone made in photoshop, inspired by a real model.


NOKIA 5800 XpressMusic DS PSD

NOKIA 5800 XpressMusic DS PSD by MK Graphics


Microsoft ZUNE PSD

Microsoft ZUNE PSD by DigitalPhenom

Full psd file of the Microsoft ZUNE.
Display is half the size as the regular file.
Both Zunes are the same with only the change of the wallpaper. Each Zune is 26 Layers. Very Detailed.


DVD Plastic Case

dvd Plastic Case   PSD file by manicho

an awesome  DVD Plastic Case with PSD file,created from scratch in Photoshop.


free psd apple display

free psd apple display by djeric

free .psd files apple cinema display .size for the psd is 1024x1024px .


Samsung Monitor .PSD file

Samsung Monitor  PSD file by Ptichurina

In the .rar file you can find; .psd file of the monitor, and the buttons, and for those who would like
it to use as an dock icon there are an 128×128 ico, 512×512 png and 256×256 mac icon.


Plasma TV PSD file

plasma tv

amazing free plasma tv psd.


iMac xcf and psd files

iMac xcf and psd files by cerium50

Just a psd and a xcf file iMac.if you can learn something with this i will be happy icon smile


Airport Express -PSD Included

Airport Express  PSD Included  by DDrDark




PSD from PSDtuts


Pencil PSD

15Pencil by nurutheone


Frame 1 PSD

Frame 1 PSD by B SquaredStock


Frame 2 PSD

Frame 2 PSD by B SquaredStock


Floppy disk psd

Floppy disk psd by Evgen


Identity Poster

d bodyPosterFull

Fun fact: the human shape in the middle is totally me but nekked.


PSD shopping cart icons set

shopping cart icons

Useful PSD shopping cart icons set for web shops. Shopping cart icon, plus 4 custom made icons, add and remove item from cart, best price and new item icons.
Download editable PSD source and customize it as per your needs.


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50 Free High Quality And Inspirational PSD Files For Download

50 Free High Quality And Inspirational PSD Files For Download

Are you a beginner who is looking for an inspiration just like a web designer that is working on a new design? Then, this article is for you.

Creativity and inspiration play a big role on having a successful design, especially when it is seen on the web. One of the resources where we can get techniques with, of course, is from the experts. Good thing that in the online community today, people, especially those who are already well-experienced are sharing their talents by uploading their designs and letting other people use them either for inspiration or for commercial or non-commercial use.

1. Ilumina – Glowing Text Styles

by: ArtoriusGothicus

This icy glowing text would be perfect for your banner or design.

2. Striking Photoshop Text Effects

by: Rafi

This PSD freebie comes with a package of text effects such as milk font, golden effect, blubber look text effect, gothic and waxy plastic look of text that you can use on your design.

3. Metal Text Styles

by: Rafi

Looking for shiny metal, gold and chrome text effects? Then this one is for you.

4. Fancy Neon Text Effects

by: webdevtuts

Give your design a fancy look with these neon text effects.

5. Six Styles Effects

by: Folksnet

If you are looking for different kinds of text effects, try to download these six styles of text effects.

6. Gel Text Effects

by: Premium Pixel

Want to know how to create a gel effect on your text? Click on the picture below to download the sample PSD file.

7. Share Buttons

by: brokodil

Let your friends advertise your website, blog or products on different social networking sites through these share buttons.

8. Social Icons

by: Tyzyano

Does your website has a Facebook, Twitter or Flickr account? you may place these icons beside the links on your website.

9. Abstract Web Buttons

by: psdGraphics

Let these web buttons that consist of ten different styles be an inspiration. Try customizing them to practice your designing skills.

10. Glass Encased Icons

by: manoluv

Aren’t these glass encased icons cool and unique? Try downloading these free icons and make your own.

11. BluePrint 20 Social Icons

by: Tyzyano

These blue print social icons are awesome to combine with a green, yellow or orange background.

12. Colorful Coming Soon Page

by: amandhingra

You may use this creatively done notice to your users that your website and online services will be back as early as possible.

13. Modern Web Buttons

by: ArtoriusGothicus

These free buttons already comes with hover image and very easy for you to customize it.

14. Button Template

by: Sed-rah-Stock

Give uniformity on your template with this one. You may use this one for print or commercial use and don’t forget to link back on the owner.

15. Up, down, left and right arrows, blue web icons

by: psdGraphics

Simple, blue icons you may use for navigation.

16. Web Icons

by: eel886

Putting these icons will make your website look professional.

17. Miscellaneous Icons

by: sultan-design

I find these high-quality icons really cute and in style.

18. Custom Navigation Menu

by: amandhingra

These custom navigation menus are good for an online shopping website, even for companies who want their website to look very simple yet professional in style.

19. Drive Icon

by: borislav-dakov

Use these cute little freebies to customize your drive icons.

20. Shiny Price Badges

by: Free PSD File

Are you looking for price badges for your website? I would love to recommend this one for you, they are so nice and very attractive.

21. Black and white pricing table

by: psdGraphics

Three columned, gray color background and glossy white buttons with great text effects to organize your offers.

22. Blue login box

by: psdGraphics

This free blue login box template comes with customizable HTML and CSS source.

23. Midnight Sun Template

by: Bevel and Emboss

This Midnight Sun free template from Bevel and Emboss is best suit for technology-based company website.

24. E-commerce Website

by: Rafi

This sleek and clean look template is very appropriate for an e-commerce website.

25. Template – Web Designer

by: mavermedia

I find this template professional with a touch of creativity with the icons and how the creator organizes the elements. Since this template is for personal use only, you can use this when practicing your designing skills or for inspiration.

26. Green Template

by: mavermedia

A nice, green template by Brad Maver to give a fresh look on your website.

27. Organic conference

by: Bevel and Emboss

This template is good for your personal blog or personal website. It is simple but elegant in look.

28. GigaSpace

by: gerbengeeraerts

The color of this template suits a website that sells gadgets, laptops and other techy things.

29. Environmental Template

by: Free PSD

This kind of template is designed for a website that intends to save our Mother Earth.

30. Blue Template

by: mavermedia

Why not use this on your personal or business website to give it a refreshing look?

31. Resort Template

by: FreePSD

If you are trying to build a website for your resort, you can get ideas by downloading this PSD.

32. DelliStore: Professional PSD Template

by: Dellustrations

Be inspired with this beautiful template for your restaurant or store’s website.

33. Orange Template

by: uniQsDesigns

Don’t have any idea for your blog template? Try this orange template made by uniQsDesigns. Just put a little touch of yours to personalize it.

34. Portfolio Website

by: peewee1002

A black, simple but professional looking template that you can use for your website. Try customizing to give improvements or personal touch on the template.

35. Black and Blue Template

by: uniQsDesigns

I never thought that black and blue makes a good looking template. I find this very cool.

36. My Designs Portfolio Template

by: FreePSD

If you are trying to create your online portfolio, check this sample template to get an idea.

37. Apple Logo

by: zandog

Use this as an inspiration in creating your own logo with this smooth, simple effect.

38. Gold and Black Shopping Card Template

by: psdGraphics

Seldom that we can search a shopping card template, so I have posted this one for you. Thanks topsdGraphics!

39. Progress Tracker Bars

by: Free PSD File

I got here five nice progress tracker bars for your website. These are guides for your users on processes such as signing up an account.

40. 4 Step Process Panel in 2 Colors

by: Rafi

This PSD file offers a four-step process to show users a website process.

41. Satisfaction Guarantee Wax Seal

by: Rafi

For those who are looking for satisfaction guarantee seal, this seal with wax effect will look good on your website. It also captivates the attention of your customers when seeing it because of their colors.

42. Awareness Ribbons

by: Xiang Fey

You may use these free awareness ribbons to put on your website to show your support on a certain disease act or movement.

43. Mail Feedback Form

by: Free PSD File

Why not put a bit of creativity on your feedback forms like this free mail feedback form by Free PSD File.

44. Fully Layered Calculator

by: Free PSD File

This full layered calculator template is more useful with flash websites. Download and modify this calculator the way you want it.

45. Wraps and Ribbons

by: plakkert

Are you looking for free PSD file of wraps and ribbons? This one is for you. You may change the color of each to blend it on your design.

46. Old book

by: moka107

This one is good for templates if you would like your site to have that vintage look. Don’t forget to credit it to moka107 :)

47. Webdesigns PSD Pack

by: majareq

This one comes in five beautiful web template designs made by Majare Q. You may customize each to give a personal touch depending where you will use them. Don’t forget to put credits to the owner.

48. Samsung Galaxy



by: Zandog

Try downloading this Samsung Galaxy template and use it as an inspiration.

49. 21 Cute PSD files

by: naturalemotions

For cute, girly look on your site or blog, you can use this 21 cute PSD files.

50. Water Wave


by: arEa50oNe

Try this water wave effect if you are trying to create a sleek-ish web template.

Remember, the effects or designs you use already give impressions to your users on what you intend to show them, so choose your design wisely and appropriately.

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Polo360 -  Portfolio Site Free PSD Web Template

Polo360 – Portfolio Site Free PSD Web Template

Once in a while, we collaborate with creative designers to giveaway free stuff to readers through We figured it benefits all parties – creators get the credit and some exposures, readers get to download them for free with no strings attached. Today, we are going to do the same thing again.

Viv Singh of has designed a high quality web template for us. It is available in Photoshop PSD format. All layers are open so you can do any chances you want. Named Polo360, this template is suitable for portfolio site, WordPress home page or corporate site. It’s free to download and use in any personal or commercial projects, but please do not re-distribute or re-sell. Here’s a preview of the template.

polo360 preview [Freebie] Polo360 Portfolio Site PSD Template

If you like it, feel free to leave a comment below to thank Viv, or share this page with your friends.


Polo360 web template comes in Photoshop PSD format. You can use it for both personal and commercial projects.

Download Polo360 web template.

About The Creator

Viv Singh is a Freelance Logo, Graphics and Website Designer, and a WordPress Expert. He blogs, an inspirational blog for creative community offering regular Graphics Design Freebies, you can follow him @ZoneofWizards on Twitter.

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10 Brushes – Pick of the Week

10 Brushes – Pick of the Week

This is the first post of an ongoing series that showcases to our readers the best works to inspire and feed your creativity. This post will be showcasing to you selected brushes (almost all free) to use in your designs.

If you want to share your own work or that of other designers you come across with Desigg readers, just drop us an email with the URL of the file and we will be sure to add it to our lists. Enjoy!

Button Brushes

Baroque Ornaments Brush Pack


Firework Photoshop Brushes

Fruit Brush Pack

Vine Brush Pack

Veruct Brush Pack

50 Abstract Brushes

Bokeh Brushes

Hearts Brushes


Incoming search terms:

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  • free ornamental brushes photoshop
  • vintage ornaments brushes photoshop

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6 Free PSDs to download

6 Free PSDs to download

Today I am sharing 6 brilliant PSD files that can downloaded for free. Thanks to deviantart designers who share there hard work for free. All these files are in layered PSDs so you can edit them.

Content box psd


HQ Twitter Vectors


Drop down menu


bubble island


Coca Cola Truck PSD


DUSK HD Dock for Android


Incoming search terms:

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  • psd menu text field templates download

11 Fresh Useful PSD Files For Web Designer & Developer

11 Fresh Useful PSD Files For Web Designer & Developer

4 excellent content sliders (Download PSD)

Content sliders are a great way to display textual information, graphics, popular posts, featured products in a defined area. They are generally used to pull the attention of visitors to browse through the content. In this post, I provide a set of 4 excellent content sliders in Photoshop PSD file. These sliders can be coded using jQuery with transition, button or auto slide effects.

3D Web page Display by artbees



Free PSD Template: 6R Wooden Portfolio

This is a Photoshop file (PSD) of a beautiful web design mock-up template that is set on top of a repeatable wooden background. This was designed primarily for a portfolio site, but is flexible enough to be converted into other types of websites.


Awake Coming Soon Template Layered PSDs

There is also a tutorial on how to make these here <<


Clean vCard: A Free Professional XHTML-CSS vCard Template

“Clean vCard”, as the name implies, it’s Free Professional vCard XHTML/CSS template suitable for any personal visiting card or portfolio related site.


4 step process panel in 2 colors (PSD)

The PSD files are fully layered organized in named folders and colors, text and fonts can easily be modified. You can also add more or reduce steps by extending or reducing the width of the panel bar and duplicating the rollover effect folder (content and layers). The width of the panel is 900px and the font used in the work is Arial.


Modern table design, PSD and HTML template

Make your table data look more professional. Modern table design with a smooth blue and gray gradients, sharp lines, and readable data. Get the fully customizable HTML and CSS template, or if you prefer images download the Photoshop PSD template.


14 Free Custom Web Navigation Menu PSD Template



24 glossy social media icons (PSD & PNG)

Each icon comes in fully layered PSD files and PNG format in 4 sizes of 128x128px, 64x64px, 32x32px and 16x16px.


Web elements pack (PSD & PNG)

The files can serve you as a handy web elements pack for your web projects. As always, the files come in fully layered PSD format with each web element organized in a named folder.


404 Error Template

This template can be used for common server error pages: 401, 403, 404, 500, and 503 and you can also create your own error messages.

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  • umbrella mock up psd
  • umbrella psd
  • umbrellas psd

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