Slider Interface – Sky UI Kit (Free PSD)

Slider Interface – Sky UI Kit (Free PSD)

Today’s freebie is addition to the Sky UI Kit collection, a clean & simle slider / toggle interface. As always the download includes the editable Free PSD file. It’s fully layered editable vector shapes, and easy to modify. Enjoy the download.

Download Now!

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Bulb Map Markers Collection (Free PSD)

Bulb Map Markers Collection (Free PSD)

Today’s freebie is another map icons collection but this time in bulb style. It is a set free Google markers to use as place marks for your locations Google Maps, on static map. They are resizable, easy to modify, fully layered editable vector free PSD shapes. You can easy replace icons on markers to describe your services, locations etc. Download and share. Thanks!

Download Now

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22+ Website Buttons Free PSD files Download

22+ Website Buttons Free PSD files Download

Buttons are an essential part of a website and when you are developing a web page, you may need some handy stuff. For your ease and convenience we have collected this downloadable PSD action, social media, and other GUI buttons. It will also help you in study your files to learn new UI design techniques.

36 Free Web Buttons Collection

36 Free Web Buttons Collection Free PSD files Download

Download the Source Files Button

Download the Source Files Button Free PSD files Download

Creations PSD Buttons

Creations PSD Buttons Free PSD files Download

Plastic Buttons

Plastic Buttons Free PSD files Download

Buttons With PSD

Buttons With PSD Free PSD files Download

Social Media and Email Buttons

Social Media and Email Buttons Free PSD files Download

Add to Cart Buttons

Add to Cart Buttons Free PSD files Download

3D Buttons

3D Buttons  Free PSD files Download

Download Web Buttons

Download Web Buttons Free PSD files Download

Simple Buttons

Simple Buttons Free PSD files Download

Form Message Buttons

Form Message Buttons Free PSD files Download

App Store Download Buttons

App Store Download Buttons Free PSD files Download

Web 2.0 Buttons

Web 2.0 Buttons Free PSD files Download

Download Buttons PSD Pack

Download Buttons PSD Pack Free PSD files Download

E-Commerce Buttons

E-Commerce Buttons Free PSD files Download

Classy Social Media Buttons

Classy Social Media Buttons Free PSD files Download

Arrow buttons PSD

Arrow buttons PSD Free PSD files Download

5 Colorful Web Buttons

5 Colorful Web Buttons Free PSD files Download

10 Simple Web Buttons

10 Simple Web Buttons Free PSD files Download

CTA Buttons

CTA Buttons Free PSD files Download

Chunky 3D Buttons

Chunky 3D Buttons Free PSD files Download

Twitter and Facebook Connect Buttons

Twitter and Facebook Connect Buttons Free PSD files Download

Shiny Buttons

Shiny Buttons Free PSD files Download

Social Sign In Buttons

Social Sign In Buttons Free PSD files Download

Late Night Buttons

Late Night Buttons Free PSD files Download

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30+ Must Have Free PSD Files for Designers

30+ Must Have Free PSD Files for Designers

If you are a new learner or don’t have time to create psd files. you are at the right place to find free psd files available for download. Its not easy to design an object from scratch so many professional designers design free psd files and distribute them to new designers who want to learn. This article is a collection of free psd files selected from different internet sources.

Free PSD Price BoxesFree PSD Price Boxes

Iconnice Web ElementsIconnice Web Elements

Free PSD Login BoxFree PSD Login Box

Colored Pencils PSDColored Pencils PSD

Free PSD Ribbon FilesFree PSD Ribbon Files

Gift Card PSD FilesGift Card PSD Files

World Flags PSD FilesWorld Flags PSD Files

Happy Holidays PSDHappy Holidays PSD

Designer Brushes IconsDesigner Brushes Icons

PSD Graphic ChartsPSD Graphic Charts

Business People PSD FileBusiness People PSD File

Power Button Icon SetPower Button Icon Set

Credit Card PSD FileCredit Card PSD File


Coffe Cup IconsCoffe Cup Icons

Business Card PSD FileBusiness Card PSD File

Free Valentines Day IconsFree Valentines Day Icons

Money Back Guarantee BadgesMoney Back Guarantee Badges

Modern Social Network IconsModern Social Network Icons

Earth & Moon PSD FileEarth & Moon PSD File

Free Audio Player PSD FileFree Audio Player

Grunge CityGrunge City

Free PSD Christmas Greeting CardChristmas Greeting Card

Free PSD Sign up FormsFree PSD Sign up Forms

Free PSD Portfolio TemplatePSD Portfolio Template

Free Unique Sticker IconsUnique Sticker Icons

Thanks Bubble SetThanks Bubble Set

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  • world flags banner

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Smart Slider's PSD files

Smart Slider’s PSD files

Dear Customers/Visitors! I’ve decided that I create a new web design category on our site. I try to publicate my own PSDs as often as possible. Usually it will contains our products or some of my idea. Firstly I share some PSD from the Smart Slider’s sketch. I hope you will like it and it will useful for you. On the other hand you can check these design in live just click the [DEMO] next to the title.

Accordion Horizontal Slider Image Edition [DEMO]

This multidimensional slider shows a big image with right side caption. With this slider type you can create a great slideshow for your website.

Accordion Horizontal Slider

Accordion Horizontal Slider Product Edition [DEMO]

With this slider type you are able to show your product with a lot of useful information. For example: your product’s price or the featured products.

Accordion Horizontal Slider

Accordion Vertical FAQ [DEMO]

Help to your visitors with this awesome frequently asked question slider. The tabs help you to display the related contents in intuitive form.

Accordion Vertical Slider

Minimal Slider [DEMO]

This slider is excellent for the minimal white websites.

Minimal Slider

Simple Slider [DEMO]

Simple, sophisticated design to show discretely your content to your visitors.

Simple Slider

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500+ Free Download High Quality Photoshop PSD Files For Designers

500+ Free Download High Quality Photoshop PSD Files For Designers

Why redo what is from the web “free download” ? Plenty of web designers create and share with the community, plenty graphic files. Most often, they are free download and can mostly be used in business projects.

But the plenty ways used for the distribution of these files is problematic (from own blogs, social networks, sharing networks)…Lot of you have interest for these files, and regarding this point, 2experts decided to create selection lists of these files.

These lists give to the web designers, the possibility to get a quick overview of some of the best free download files, grouped on an unique page.

Today is an exceptional day because you are not restricted to one list but you can browse a selection of the best lists from all of them, and this final selection cumulate all together, around 500 Photoshop files, files you can download.

26 Polariod and Paper Clips ( by atilazz )

free psd file

Download Source

Web User Interface Treasure Chest ( by LazyCrazy )


Download Source

Full Pin Stock ( by atilazz )

Download Source

Calendars PSD ( by taytel )

free calendars psd files

Download Source

Free iPod Touch PSD ( by djeric)

Download Source

Grass Number PSD ( by PsEvi )

Download Source

Scratches PSD

Download Source

Barbwire Splater Paint PSD

Download Source

Twitter Bird Icons ( by sizer92 )


Download Source

Card Templates ( by san29 )

Download Source

Breathe PSD

Download Source

PSD Pack Painted Tags ( by Tamilia )

Download Source

Great PSD Files Related From Friends Blogs

110 Ultimate Round-Up of Free Photoshop PSD Files and Resources

45+ Free Design Template And PSD Files

The best 32 Free PSDs you can find on DeviantArt

70+ Excellent Free PSD Files ON DeviantArt, Update September 2009

45 Useful Collection of Free Photoshop PSD Files

80+ Identity Logo Design With PSD Files

45+ Free High Quality PSD Files to Download

60 High Quality Photoshop PSD Files For Designers

30+ Free Quality PSD Files to Download

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45+ Free High Quality PSD Files to Download

45+ Free High Quality PSD Files to Download

You can create you own PSD Photoshop resources library, but it may not be big enough or has the variaty you need, so you can add more styles to your library like the Photoshop resources files I would like to share with you below

PSD Resource Pack One

PSD Resource Pack One by Deluxive

Some of the most popular stuff for “Web 2.0? all in one .PSD file.
Inspired of others of course. + Wood Patterns (included in the “Hidden Resources” layer).


stiker PSD

sticker PSD by TLMedia

paper sticker,PSD file.


Denim Patch With Stitches

denim patch with stitches


Cardboard Business Card

cardboard business card


Old Envelope

old envelope


notebook psd

notebook psd by TLMedia

note book or magazin layout ,PSD file


Paper Design PSD

Paper Design PSD by MRblanka

Paper Design PSD


Paper Notes Free PSD

kkittrd 1

Paper Notes Free PSD buttons. Two kinds, very good for blogs or site. Enjoy!


Magazine PSD source file

Magazine PSD source file by formazon

fancy  Magazine PSD source file , enjoy it.


PSP psd template

PSP psd template by jbensch

I haven’t seen a PSP psd template – might as well be the first,included a flames layer…


iPhone turned 3G psd template

iPhone turned 3G psd template by jbensch

iPhone 3G psd template.


iPod Touch PSD

iPod Touch PSD   i Visual by i visual

New iPod Touch PSD.High Quality PSD for better visual experience.Based on High resolution photo of Apple Website


RIM Blackberry PSD

RIM Blackberry PSD by DigitalPhenom

Complete psd with layer styles ! Not just an image on a transparent background…no no!! This is 135 layers of photoshop goodness!!
First off its a photoshop file…so your going to need photoshop 7 or newer to open it


Tv Mobile PSD

Tv Mobile PSD by leozerosty

cell phone made in photoshop, inspired by a real model.


NOKIA 5800 XpressMusic DS PSD

NOKIA 5800 XpressMusic DS PSD by MK Graphics


Microsoft ZUNE PSD

Microsoft ZUNE PSD by DigitalPhenom

Full psd file of the Microsoft ZUNE.
Display is half the size as the regular file.
Both Zunes are the same with only the change of the wallpaper. Each Zune is 26 Layers. Very Detailed.


DVD Plastic Case

dvd Plastic Case   PSD file by manicho

an awesome  DVD Plastic Case with PSD file,created from scratch in Photoshop.


free psd apple display

free psd apple display by djeric

free .psd files apple cinema display .size for the psd is 1024x1024px .


Samsung Monitor .PSD file

Samsung Monitor  PSD file by Ptichurina

In the .rar file you can find; .psd file of the monitor, and the buttons, and for those who would like
it to use as an dock icon there are an 128×128 ico, 512×512 png and 256×256 mac icon.


Plasma TV PSD file

plasma tv

amazing free plasma tv psd.


iMac xcf and psd files

iMac xcf and psd files by cerium50

Just a psd and a xcf file iMac.if you can learn something with this i will be happy icon smile


Airport Express -PSD Included

Airport Express  PSD Included  by DDrDark




PSD from PSDtuts


Pencil PSD

15Pencil by nurutheone


Frame 1 PSD

Frame 1 PSD by B SquaredStock


Frame 2 PSD

Frame 2 PSD by B SquaredStock


Floppy disk psd

Floppy disk psd by Evgen


Identity Poster

d bodyPosterFull

Fun fact: the human shape in the middle is totally me but nekked.


PSD shopping cart icons set

shopping cart icons

Useful PSD shopping cart icons set for web shops. Shopping cart icon, plus 4 custom made icons, add and remove item from cart, best price and new item icons.
Download editable PSD source and customize it as per your needs.


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  • blue plus icon with cart png
  • high quality psd
  • price sticker graphics in psd

45 Handy and Free Photoshop files

45 Handy and Free Photoshop files

PSD stands for photoshop document file. It is supported by Adobe photoshop suite. If you are a designer, you probably know the worth of ready to use PSD templates more than others. And even if you are not one, you can find a fewwhich are very easy to edit and use as per your requirement.

S0, today we are presenting you a quality assortment of 45  ready to use PSD files whichyou can tinker with as per your requirement without shelling out a penny. Have fun !

1. Pin Picture :  A fun way to show off your Christmas pics on your desktop.

Pin Pictures PSD file

2. Home Web Buttons : Can be of great use for web designers.

Home web buttons PSD file

3.  Under Construction: Started your website in a hurry only to find that some particles still need editing, Don’t worry, use this template to get out of it neatly.

Under construction PSD file

4. Film Strip with reflection : This is one of my personal favourites. Gives real cool celeb effects to your self portraits.

Film Strip with Reflection
5. Demon Wings:  Need something really cool to share on your facebook profile. Just remove the text layer and add your picture in between these wings.

Demon Wings - PSD STOCK

 6. Bat Wings/ Dragon Wings: This shall shine up your Halloween preparations !

Dragon Wings PSD-Stock

 7. Fairy wings :  Here’s something for the ladies.

Fairy Wings 1 PSD file

8. Proxal Icon Set :  More than 90 Icons in a single pack.Proxal Icon Set v2 PSD file10.  Art Gallery :  Make your invaluable moments shine with this PSD file. I suggest you to get a printout of your creation get it framed and hang on your wall. It would look great !

Art Gallery PSD

 11. Product Box :  It can be a great marketing help for those who wish to sell their products online. I think Norton used this type product box design first with their Antivirus products.

FREE Product Box PSD

 12. Wing PSD : This one is real cool. Just add these photo around your Portrait. Edit with a few stylish filter and TADA ! you would just Rock !

Wing PSD file

 13. Newspaper Template : How about landing directly into the NY Times !

Newspaper PSD

 14. Social Buttons Template :  A collection of nice Social Networking Icons templates to give that ‘in vogue’ look to your website.

Social icons PSD File

15.  Deviant ID Card How about a Super cool and Highly customizable ID card !

16. DVD Label : Are you a budding singer, looking to fool your friends with your own CD label. This one’s for you !

17.  DVD Plastic Case : Customizable DVD plastic case template.

18. Afterglow : Beautiful imagery for use as a background layer.

instantShift - Ultimate Round-Up of Free Photoshop PSD files and Resources

19. Nice Album : Ideal template for giving a style quotient to your best clicks.

20. WWE 2007 DVD Cover Template : How about featuring yourself on the WWE  DVD Cover !

21. 3D red push button : If I were a website owner, I would use it as my startup page link for entry into my blog. Pretty cool template. Isn’t it !

3D red push button

22. Gold guarantee seal :  Another cool graphic for you blog.

23. PSD Pack Painted Tags ( by Tamilia )

 24. Lamborghini Murcielago  : How about a Supercar ride ?

instantShift - Ultimate Round-Up of Free Photoshop PSD files and Resources

25. LCD UltraHD 350dpi : How about showing off on a giant LCD screen !

instantShift - Ultimate Round-Up of Free Photoshop PSD files and Resources

26. Cassette : When was the last time you used a cassette player ?

instantShift - Ultimate Round-Up of Free Photoshop PSD files and Resources

27. Old Style Diskette : Another extinct storage device.

instantShift - Ultimate Round-Up of Free Photoshop PSD files and Resources

28. Old folder  :  Confidential folder with a retro look.

instantShift - Ultimate Round-Up of Free Photoshop PSD files and Resources

29. Stratocaster Classic : Some Classic guitar designs.

instantShift - Ultimate Round-Up of Free Photoshop PSD files and Resources

30.  Photo Borders Awesome photobook design with editable text and image layers. Gets you nostalgic right away !

instantShift - Ultimate Round-Up of Free Photoshop PSD files and Resources

31. Autumn butterfly wings set : A set of 8 butterfly wings to add fun to your pictures. Your girlfriend will surely love it.

instantShift - Ultimate Round-Up of Free Photoshop PSD files and Resources

32. 3D Cube Icons set

instantShift - Ultimate Round-Up of Free Photoshop PSD files and Resources

33. Iphone Icons Iphone icon set free for commercial use under GPL.

instantShift - Ultimate Round-Up of Free Photoshop PSD files and Resources

34. Pixel Arrows Pack A stock of some low carb pixel arrows for your website.

instantShift - Ultimate Round-Up of Free Photoshop PSD files and Resources

35. Wanted Wanted poster with Looney Tunes like theme.

instantShift - Ultimate Round-Up of Free Photoshop PSD files and Resources

36. PSD Resource Pack  : Some of the most popular stuff for “Web 2.0? all in one .PSD file. Also  includes Wood Patterns (included in the “Hidden Resources” layer)

instantShift - Ultimate Round-Up of Free Photoshop PSD files and Resources

37. Film Strip : Another nice film strip template. Use negative filter on your image for a realistic look.

instantShift - Ultimate Round-Up of Free Photoshop PSD files and Resources

38. Newspaper Make the headlines, the front page is completely yours to edit.

instantShift - Ultimate Round-Up of Free Photoshop PSD files and Resources

39.  Login AreaHighly customizable login area template for your website.

instantShift - Ultimate Round-Up of Free Photoshop PSD files and Resources

40. iPhone GUI PSD Template: An exhaustive collection of iphone OS templates.

instantShift - Ultimate Round-Up of Free Photoshop PSD files and Resources

41. Space Light: A very beautiful template with editable text.

instantShift - Ultimate Round-Up of Free Photoshop PSD files and Resources

42. Dramatic Room:  Nice template for decoration with collectibles. You can also replace the wallpaper layer with your own wallpaper for a personalized feel.

instantShift - Ultimate Round-Up of Free Photoshop PSD files and Resources

43.Notebook: A PSD file to scribble around with.

44. Paper Design:  Template with editable text and handwriting font.

45. Identity Poster : How about being able to edit a piece of pseudo Modern Art !

Thank you for reading our post. We hope you found it useful.

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45 Useful Collection of Free Photoshop PSD Files

45 Useful Collection of Free Photoshop PSD Files

Sometimes a design project comes with a very pressing deadline and has to be finished within little time. For such rush projects, some great design resources and freebies are quite useful. And, especially if it is a source .psd file it comes in a lot handy cause you can easily edit or modify it to fit it well with your design. Also, it can be easily mixed and matched! I browsed deviantArt and I found some really great gems, this awesome free .PSD files can be really useful to designers for any design project, plus I think, this freebies can also serve as a learning material as well.

Pencil PSD

Globe Resource v.2


Apple .PSD

Free Product -Software PSD Box


notebook psd

Curl Preview Border

Designers Icons

Hearts Take Flight

Headphones Resource

15 illustration frames

Deluxive Creative Pack

5 Red Roses Pack

5 Sunflowers Pack

Coffee cup Resource

DVD Case Inlay – PSD

15 illustration frames 2 

Skate Longboard template

iPod Touch PSD

stiker PSD

Christmas stock 1 of 5


Documents + Letters


Item Coffee PSD

Photoshop 3D Cube

Lined Paper

Paperbag .PSD

Only Photoshop

My Moleskine

Post-it – psd

Free Film Frame

T-Shirt PSD


Talk icon



XBOX 360

Torn Paper Snapshot Border 


Web 2.0 stickers – psd


DVD Label – PSD Template


FREE Product Box PSD

Buttons PSD

DVD Case+Art – PSD file

Pixel Arrows PSD

Incoming search terms:

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  • torn label psd
  • torn sticker photoshop
  • torn sticker psd

50 Superb & Free PSD Files From Dribbble To Learn From The Best

50 Superb & Free PSD Files From Dribbble To Learn From The Best

Either for self-promotion or simply for goodwill and to help others, the truth is that finding free resources and inspiration can be a really easy task. If you are an experienced designer, you know the best way to learn is by just looking and studying other people’s work. PSD files can be a powerful way to learn and fulfill your work expectations.

Today, one of the main references for this purpose is definitely Dribbble. Dribbble is not only an awesome place to be inspired by many talented designers. You can actually stumble upon some fantastic free PSD files and examine them and learn more.

This collection includes some fantastic UI kits, a lot of assets for web and graphic design, as well as a few cool icons. These PSDs are as perfect for learning as they are for your future projects. Personally I haven’t practiced learning from PSDs lately but by checking out some of these I surely realized how much you can learn from a well-built PSD.

50 Superb & Free PSD Files From Dribbble To Learn From The Best

How it works

Everyone can follow the sign-up process and create an account. As soon as you sign up, you will be considered a spectator and you can follow players (designers) and like their shots (work), however, in order to post shots you have to declare yourself as a prospect, but not everyone will be able to. To become aplayer and upload your own shots you need to get known in the community and be drafted by a Dribbble member. So basically you need to interact with other designers since being followed by a member will work as a recommendation within the community.

This is indeed a new work process in the social media world but it definitely works to keep and maintain quality within the community. Dribbble basically tells you that everyone can watch the concert but not everyone can or know how to sing. However that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a try, does it? These PSDs are perfect way to start out. Examine them, play with them, reconstruct them and, who knows, maybe one day you’ll be the next rockstar of Dribbble.

1. Chutzpah UI Design Kit by Morgan Allan Knutson


Clean and smooth UI kit that you can nicely implement in subtle– colored websites as well as some mobile apps. PSD comes with grouped layers so you can learn about layer styles applied to various elements.

2. Facebook like UI for Miro by Morgan Allan Knutson


Facebook like button recreated in Photoshop. It’s a great asset to have for various web design projects.

3. Blaubarry Free UI kit 2 by Mikael Eidenberg


Sleek UI kit including sliders, buttons, scrollbars and form elements made with only shapes, text and layer styles. Get to know how an efficient UI kit is made.

4. Plane free psd file by Jeremy Sallée


Extremely detailed PSD you can learn a lot from. You can also use this artwork as an icon or illustration.

5. Little green ribbons by Shegy


Cool ribbons in 3 angles that you can either use for web designs or some banners.

6. Flip Clock PSD by Max Di Capua


Fully editable and scalable (except noise layers) PSD. It’s suitable for under-construction pages as well as some stylish countdowns.

7. DDFreebie – Macbook PSD by Dany Duchaine


A fully layered PSD Macbook Pro. Suitable for web designs

8. Chrome UI Kit by Todd Hamilton


Very useful Google Chrome UI kit since there are only a few of them around.

9. Free shopping cart by Jonno Riekwel


Lite and pixel-perfect shopping cart perfect for small online shops.


10. Free Iphone Template in 5 angles by Mikael Eidenberg


This is a free layered PSD with a iPhone from five different angles, reflections, shadows and glossiness can be adjusted and the display content is the same smart object for all angles.

11. Facebook Connect Buttons PSD by Murat Mutlu


Handy PSD of the Facebook connect button.

12. Your cart widget by Pawel Kadysz


Two little widgets perfect for almost any kind of store. Re-sizable and vector.

13. Delight Icons by Jeremy Sallée


Find out how a classic web 2.0 icon is made. A set of seven icons in PSD format so you can play around with them.

14. Log In (+ free .psd) by David Cristian


Stylish and trendy login form well suited for pixel-perfect web designs.

15. Lion Mini Gui Kit (+psd) by Kamil Khadeyev


Lion OS is just out and some of might be already looking for it’s GUI. So here it is – mini, yet high-quality UI kit.

16. iPhone icons by Pontus Johansson


17. Shopping Tags (free .psd) by Jeremy Mansfield


18. Free Buttons Psd by Johnny Waterman


19. Map free psd by Mathieu Brg


20. Download Buttons Free PSD by jackietrananh


21. Free buttons, yaay! by Daniel Sandvik


22. Watermelon slice by Ioan Decean


23. Cameras psd file by Jeremy Sallée


24. Milk Release by Dom


25. Radio player freebie by Charlie


26. Shiny Blue UI by Kevin Andersson


27. UI Oink by James ?


28. Browser & Magnify with Free PSD by Liam McKay


29. Dark UI by Jeff Broderick


30. Mini Clouds Set PSD by jackietrananh


31. Dribbbles by Kevin Andersson




32. iPhone 4 GUI PSD by Rich Hemsley


33. Gaston-Louis Vuitton Wallpaper & PSD by Robert Padbury


34. Social Icons PSD by Umar Irshad


35. Notepad PSD by Christian Baroni


36. Clean Minimalistic Portfolio Snap by Daryl Ginn


37. FREE Icon Set by Joe Prince


38. Super Mario Bros by jackietrananh


39. Twitter Follow Button PSD by Vin Thomas


40. Compact Music Player Freebie by Daryl Ginn


41. Audio Player by Jonathan MoreiraAudio-player-free-psd-dribbble

42. Blixt Freebie #2 – Search by Andree Blixt


43. Old cassette by Ioan DeceanCassette-free-psd-dribbble

44. iMac.psd by Mantas Sutkus


45. Simple Buttons Resource by Jan


46. Google+ icon by KyeeGoogle-plus-free-psd-dribbble


47. 20 Coloured pencils with notes by Regina Casaleggio


48. Login Form – PSD Freebie by wpscientistLogin-form-free-psd-dribbble

49. Pokemon Free Psd by jackietrananhPokemon-free-psd-dribbble

50. Date Flipper by Enon Avital


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  • printable notepads free

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